Are you considering becoming a digital marketer? If you're looking for exciting and challenging work, the digital marketing field is a great place to be. In fact, freelancing is cited as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world!

But what's the best way to get started in this field? Should you freelance or start your own agency? Keep reading to find out more about how to choose between a digital marketing agency or independent freelancing!

Freelancing Versus Digital Marketing Agency: What Is the Difference? 

The digital marketing industry is a workforce that attracts a large number of freelancers. This lies in the lifestyle and flexibility they can get to enjoy as opposed to being employed by a company. 

However, there are some downsides to being a freelancer, which has led many people to look at working with an agency instead, thus leading to the creation of the new phenomenon known as 'Digital Marketing Agencies.' To fully understand this concept, it's important first to understand what each of these concepts actually entails.


Freelancers are those who work alone from their own home or office with no real obligation or commitment to any one organization. Their services can be contracted over a specific period of time but usually leave once the contract is over.


Digital marketing agencies are a small company or team of people, led by a manager or director, who offer the same services seen with freelancers, but in addition, work together with their clients to solve business-related problems and understand their requirements so that they can be best suited to provide large scope work. 

When Is Freelancing the Best Choice?

In many cases, independent contractors or freelancers have their area of expertise in one specific niche. As they grow into their positions, they might learn more and expand their knowledge base, but generally, they have one primary focus. 

As a freelancer, it is important to cultivate communication skills because prompt and informative communication draws clients in. Clients will often gravitate towards a freelancer over an agency because of the one-on-one approach of working with an individual over a group of people.

The fact is, by 2027, as much as 50% of the U.S workforce is expected to work as freelancers, so the competition will stiffen up! If you are working as a freelancer now, it might be best to focus on fine-tuning your niche and your client communication skills to prepare for a future as a digital marketing agency. 

When Is a Digital Marketing Agency the Best Choice? 

If you are currently freelancing and considering taking the next step and working as a digital marketing agency, there are some things you should consider. First, consider the logistics of the operation by asking yourself a few questions: 

  • Do you have a strong grasp of your niche? 
  • Do you have a team of individuals with experience in other niches? 
  • Do you understand the market rates for various skillsets? 
  • Do you have strong organizational practices in place? 

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, it could be the right time to start scaling up your business. Luckily, the model of the FreeUp Agency Program can help you get where you need to go. 

For example, if you are searching for individuals to help flesh out your team, you can find freelancers on the FreeUp marketplace. As an agency, it is crucial to have competent members of the team that can tackle projects together. 

Understanding the Goals of Having a Digital Marketing Agency 

Scaling up from an independent freelancer to a digital marketing agency is a big step, so understanding why you want to make the change is essential. There are benefits to staying where you’re at, and if you try to scale up before you’re ready it could end up costing you. 

Some reasons for scaling up could be to free up more of your time, increase profits, or even to meet more like-minded people in the industry. The main point to consider is that you will go from being responsible for only your work to the work of the team you put together. 

Clients who want to grow business with an agency understand that there will be more than one person working on the project. However, they put their trust in you as the point of contact to manage the workload. If you are not ready for that kind of responsibility, it might be the best option to continue freelancing. 

Scaling up From Freelancing to Becoming an Agency

There are ways you can get your feet wet without taking the plunge! First, you might consider increasing the amount of time you spend working as a freelancer. 

Getting accustomed to more full-time work is an essential part of getting started as an agency. Over time, with the right delegation, you can find yourself working less, but in the beginning, you will need to have a more full-time approach to grow the agency. 

Another way to prepare yourself for scaling up is to learn a new niche. Even if you don’t become an expert it is important that you have a grasp on all the niches that you will eventually be hiring out for the agency. 

A great way to learn more is to consider picking up freelance work at an existing agency. Working for a functional agency will help you hone in on the skills you will need to make your future business flourish. 

Making the Right Choice for You!

Now that you understand how to choose between a digital marketing agency or independent freelancing, you can discover which is the best choice for you! So, take some time today and weigh your options, and remember to utilize the FreeUp Support Team when you’re ready to scale up! 

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